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Mission: Impossible III

Recently, I watched the Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible III for the first time since its release. Upon seeing the movie again, my impression was not a very favorable one, as it hit just about every checkbox of a generic, cliche-filled 2000's action movie-- And I actually enjoyed the newer Mission Impossible movies quite a bit. I'd consider it a fairly cheesy, over-the-top action-thriller with a pretty flimsy plot, but with some very well-done scenes throughout. In addition, the film was full of very questionable physics; many scenes were head-scratchers in terms of scientific accuracy, but I'll only go over three today.

To start, I'll go over what's probably the scene that raises the most questions in its depiction of physics. In Shanghai, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has to capture the McGuffin of the movie, the Rabbit's Foot, from a laboratory under heavy guard by easily distracted mercenaries. To accomplish this goal, Hunt opts to swing from one building and …

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